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Canada Investment Management Solutions


The Investment Management industry is in a constant state of flux, driven by market trends and regulatory changes.

Benefit from Donnelley Financial Solutions’ best practices, perspective, and subject matter expertise earned in handling regulatory and investor communications including: Financial Statements, MRFPs, Prospectuses and Fund Facts. With a focus on process improvement, we minimize time and waste in document creation, production and management.

Flexible document creation solutions

Control the document creation process, collaborate across organizations, improve efficiency and reduce cost with our flexible range of content management tools and traditional composition services:

  • Manage your data and content in MS Word or Excel, and then work with us to create a final typeset version
  • Speed up your process with a fully automated solution that aggregates, processes and re-purposes data, manages the content and produces a fully typeset document
  • Choose full service composition for complex projects that require maximum flexibility
  • Learn more about our solutions that simplify the creation and management of your regulatory and investor communications.

NI 81-106 fund reporting solutions

Increasing numbers of products, changing distribution requirements and evolving regulatory compliance are just some of the challenges you face in preparing your financial reports. We provide technology and service to make the financial reporting and disclosure process fast, manageable and more efficient. Our turnkey solution includes:

  • Opt-in campaign and response management
  • Unitholder response analysis
  • Report typesetting and content management
  • Cost-effective production that considers opt-in response results, document production needs and mailing requirements
  • Personalized investor report package distribution
  • Mailing and distribution optimization

Learn more about our fund reporting solutions.

NI 81-406 fund facts solution

With the currently evolving NI 81-406 regulation, we understand that the creation of Fund Facts is a complex project. From coordinating data from multiple sources to managing data business rules while at the same time adhering to Marketing requirements and ensuring distributors and investors has access to the documents, you require a partner that is experienced with the existing regulations while maintaining a clear understanding of the impact of the next phase of regulation to be mandated. We offer a full range of services designed to help you negotiate the Fund Facts requirement:

  • Analyze your document – separate layout and style from content, define business rules and map data to your document
  • Manage your data – provide template to support data collection for the documents
  • Manage your document – audit-able version control and proof distribution, automated strikethrough blacklining for revision review and filing

Learn more about our fund facts solutions.

Online hosting and distribution

As the investors and regulators demand easier access to information, the online availability of fund reporting documents is imperative. Our online, print on-demand site for investor communications fulfills this need and can be integrated with any of our document management solutions. Residing as a branded module to an existing client Internet or intranet site, this tool allows users to seamlessly create customized documents for print and fulfillment on demand. Learn more about our online hosting and distribution solutions.

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