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Data Solutions

Data Solutions

Donnelley Financial Solutions is the premier provider of data derived from regulatory filings and other disclosure documents. Our Data Solutions create and distribute company data and public filings for equities, mutual funds and other publicly traded assets, delivering products through online subscriptions and data licenses.

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Donnelley Financial’s EDGAR® Online offering serves as the reporting engine for financial and regulatory filings for companies worldwide. This puts us in a unique position of having a huge repository of financial and company data. Financial statements, annual and quarterly filings, disclosures, initial and secondary public offering details, money market holdings, XBRL-tagged and as-reported summaries in their raw form are just data, but through EDGAR Online content subscriptions the data becomes a wealth of insight to drive your business decisions.

EDGAR Online has extensive experience processing financial disclosures and creating value added data sets as a result. With its proprietary method of extracting high quality data quickly and accurately, EDGAR Online enables clients to access company financial data faster, easier and with fewer resources.

EDGAR Online's new configurable API is advancing how financial data is consumed, delivered and analyzed and is transforming data points into constructive, valuable information.

EDGAR® Pro is a research tool that enables investors, analysts, lawyers, auditors and corporate executives to access detailed company information, as-reported and standardized financial data as well as SEC filings, stock quotes, news and more. Now featuring Redlining and the ability to compare changes between two documents, display new additions, deletions and changed content.

I-Metrix is an interactive data and analytic tool that provides quick and accurate XBRL-tagged financial statement data via Microsoft Excel® and an easy-to-use web interface for data downloads, simple and complex modeling and better, faster and smarter financial analysis and company research.

EDGAR Online has developed a proprietary mapping file that links Mutual Funds filings to each unique filing assigned by the SEC - ultimately allowing users to view, print or downloads specific Mutual Fund documents.