Investment Market Solutions
Investment Market Solutions
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Global Investment Market Solutions

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Global Investment Management Solutions provides software and services to investment and asset managers, alternative investment managers annuity and insurance investment providers, financial advisors, and broker dealers for the creation, production and distribution of compliance documents to investors and regulators.

Manage Your Content

Our content management applications give users greater control of financial reporting and disclosure while making the process faster and more efficient. Read More

Produce Your Content

Our large global network of digital and traditional print operations is nationally dispersed for maximum efficiency, disaster recovery & flexible production. Read More

Distribute Your Content

Our mail services, e-delivery, web hosting and fulfillment solutions are optimized for efficiency and compliance. Read More
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ArcExchange makes it easier to work with your Investment Markets team. Connect easily with your dedicated Global Investment Market service team, and securely manage the production of your disclosure documents through an online portal.

ArcFiling allows you to manage the submission of regulatory filings to the SEC. It is focused currently on SEC filings but is expanding to other regulatory markets. It currently supports the specialized form and XML submission for SEC Money Market filing as well as prospectus filings A-POS, B-POS, Annual report filings. Semi annual report, 497, N2s and other N filings.

ArcMarketing is an online, self-service composition tool that streamlines the creation and management of your fund fact sheets, KIIDs, pitch books, and other marketing communications.

ArcProspectus is our online, self-service composition tool for prospectuses and other documents. It enables you to store and share content and manage output in a central repository so you can easily create compliance and regulatory documents.

Improve your financial reporting and your financial reporting control environment with ArcReporting. The solution helps fund accountants manage large volumes of data across multiple funds, delivering consistency with automated typesetting, while providing efficiencies, and controls.

The FundCompli integrated shareholder communications platform makes it easy for advisors to deliver regulatory documents to investors and track receipt for compliance.

A flexible and simple solution for hosting your fund documents that will keep you compliant with the Summary Prospectus rule.